Sometimes we find we’ve opted to live in the shadows. Sometimes without even noticing. Muting our own colours so that others might shine brightly through. Dimming our own light.

I’m on a mission to help us find and celebrate our colours in all their vibrancy, allowing us to truly express who we really are. And to share the blessing and power of colour to change the way we feel.

For me, colour is warmth, love, fun, happiness, comfort, peace and connection. And plenty more besides. 

It was when I went to India in my twenties that I was particularly struck by the transformative power of colour. In situations of deprivation and challenge, the vibrant colours of the clothes, the place, its customs and its designs had a way of lifting people to a world beyond. A world of joy, of peace and of hope. 

From then on, I was hooked. And when I returned to the UK, I couldn’t leave my fascination there.

Now I’m joining with artisan groups to bring some Indian colour to our lives in the UK and, at the same time, support their livelihoods through their colourful creations.

I believe in the power of colour to make a difference to the way we feel and in the glory of feeling free in expressing who we are. That’s what this brand is all about.

Bringing Colour to Life

Out of the darkness comes light.
Light brings colour.
And from colour, comes life.

Colour lightens the mood,
Lifts the spirit,
Fires the imagination.

Colour is comfort when we need encouragement,
Nourishment when we’re hungry for inspiration,
Energy when we could do with a boost.

Colour says “welcome” - even when there’s no-one else home.

It’s a fire-cracking celebration!
And a tender, heartwarming moment.

Colour feeds our appetite, 
And expresses who we are.

It soothes our soul.

Unashamed in its vibrancy, 
Colour is Life.