As well as working with artisans in India, I want this to be a home for anyone, anywhere who believes in the power of colour to change the way we feel - and who enjoys expressing their colours freely. And so you'll find their work here. I hope you love them as much as I do

Tiffin Boxes

Creating cheerful art from something utilitarian...these stainless steel Tiffin Boxes are used as lunchboxes in India, with each compartment becoming the lid of the one below. Here, artisans have hand-painted them (in Suzie Bidlake colour) to create something beautiful to look at it as well as to use


Copper Water Bottles

Copper is said to purify water and bring all sorts of health benefits from reducing inflammation to helping protect bones, brain and heart

Handmade in India, this is a copper bottle to drink water from. Great to take out on walks or to work, or to have by the bed at night.